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Camping Adverts use online banner adverts and text adverts to promote your camping business, service or products.

The average person decides in less than 5 seconds if they are interested in a web page or ad.

The same goes for online banner and text adverts!

A well designed banner advert is eye catching and promotes a clear message to the viewer.

We specialise is banner advertising online for UK camping businesses and organisations.

Camping create and distribute eye catching, intuitive banner adverts for our advertisers, plus we host and distribute them via our growing network on camping, touiring and holiday related website advertising network.

The websites in our advertising network had over 1,000,000 (yes 1 MILLION) visitors in the last twelve months and growing. We have a clear strategy for promoting our UK advertisers and customers online.

 Advertising for Camping Businesses Online | UK

We specialise in the online adverts and online advertising in the camping and holiday sector. This allows us to focus on this sector and generate great results for our advertisers through the banner ads we create and distribute online.

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Advertising With Camping Adverts | UK

Camping Adverts is a division of the International Camping Club who specialise in online promotion and development for businesses and organisations in the camping sector. We provide banner design, hosting and distribution services. Ads can be filtered to a single website or multiple websites in our advertising network depending on budget and the scope of reach required for each advertising campaign.

Our banner or text adverts can be scheduled for viewing at different times of the day, on particular days of the week, or a keyword basis and more. It is called targeted advertising for camping businesses.

Ads can be arranged of a "pay per click" (PPC), ad impressions (views), or a sales achieved basis. Ad prices depend on which type of ad basis is selected.

Adverts can be served online within a pre agreed budget or time limited basis. Once your budget or period of time is expired the ads cease to show. This is good for planning your advertising budgets.

Types of Advertising Media

Image, text or a mixture of image and text adverts feature in our ad portfolio.

Animated adverts can be eye catching and effective depending on the design.

Camping Adverts can also host and distribute flash based ads but these won't show on some mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad due to the restrictions within these devises. Flash based advertising is best avoided as this limits ads distribution and potentially excludes around 25% to 30% of the potential ad viewing market due to certain restrictive platforms.


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